Men’s Hair Color

Guys, are you experiencing a few pesky gray hairs, or have premature graying hair you are not happy about? Maybe you just want to add some darker shades into your natural hues. Or is it that you possibly love the grey and want to even the color throughout your hair. Hair Coloring is something people have been doing for thousands of years. The art of dying hair and the techniques have evolved tremendously within that time. Throughout history, we have gone from using plant extracts to using dyes that are sustainable and also leave your hair looking shiny and full!

Time To Color?

Our stylists will use a variety of colors to determine which one matches your base color perfectly.  There is no odor, and it shampoos out gradually in four to six weeks. We can color your hair in the same amount of time it takes to brew coffee, send an email or a variety of other things. It is super easy and quick to have your youthful hair back. It can be applied discreetly at the shampoo bowl just like a shampoo and conditioner. There is no commitment on recoloring and no demarcation as your hair grows out. The results are incredible and natural looking, leaving your hair healthy and manageable.

Try Camo Hair Color

There’s a ten-minute product by Redken called Camo Hair Color for Men that we adore.  We love the timely manner of this treatment and how quickly it produces results! This is our most popular coloring product among men and is very cost effective. It comes in six different shades. It is the perfect blending of color that looks natural. The best thing about Camo is it is ammonia free! We are positive you will love this product as much as we do!

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