A word from Christine – Salon Owner

Hello from our highly regarded haircut and hair color salon in Fort Walton Beach Florida first blog. I’m Christine, salon owner of Spencer’s Hair Designs Salon. In my 20 years working in the beauty industry, I have noticed a need to reach out and share the best solutions to optimize personal satisfaction from your hair stylist. So I would also like to share with you fashion styling tips for all hair types and I will recommend tried and true new professional products that our stylist use every day. Their continued product education further brings you the very best product knowledge for every hair type and style.

First of all, in its healthy, natural state, a hair fiber is very strong and elastic. Yet a hair fiber is as strong as a copper wire of the same diameter and so stretchy. Therefore it can stretch up to 50% of its original length when wet. Meanwhile, we also do a lot to compromise that natural strength and elasticity either with modern chemicals and overexposure to sunlight, pulling and brushing, and high heat levels with appliances such as straightening irons and blow dryers.

Up until now, few alternatives could truly reverse severely damaged and compromised hair. Our latest product addition, the hair care innovation from L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber 2016. The culmination of 15 years of research and patent improvements in the field of repairing damaged hair. Pro Fiber 2016 offers revolutionary scientific achievements in hair strengthening technology.

Next utilizing powerful cationic polymers to resurface the hair shaft, the Pro Fiber offers long lasting, restorative and protective benefits. One of the innovative ingredients in this line of products is APTYL 100 molecular complex. It is the first technology that enables amino silane, a silicon compound, to repair the hair fiber on a molecular level from within the cortex of the hair. Then a cationic polymer forms a protective layer, sealing the hair’s exterior scales so that the restorative treatment is kept within and protected from the ravages of sun, water, brushing and salon treatments.

Damaged hair under the microscope is honeycombed with empty spaces, compromising the hair’s strength. Pro Fiber’s new technology helps fill in those empty spaces, rebuilding the hair’s structure. The in-salon treatment begins the restorative process. Lastly, the client follows up to prolong the results with shampoo, concentrate, and mask. This will without a doubt continue re-energizing, re-activate, and re-charging the structural repair.

I’ve had clients come in with damaged hair mostly from home treatments, extended exposure to sun and saltwater or just prolonged growth that has not been properly treated or trimmed. Until now we have had limited options to reverse the damage. I believe that this premium line of products will give us great prescriptive powers to restore hair strength and health on a molecular level, with results that you can see and feel almost immediately. Come talk to me about whether this option is right for you!

Now trending in hair color and what’s new for 2016

Spencer’s Hair Design Colorists agree that with all the booming trends of hair color in 20015/16. These range from ombre hair color, brown blonde, honey blonde, cool browns chocolate browns blondes, blondes, auburn reds, vibrant mahogany reds to fashion hues of violet and rainbow colors and chrome gray accents will likely still be popular in 2016.

Our new projection for spring and summer 2016 trends will be the balayage hair color technique.

Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or paint unlike previous methods of hair color that use foil or papers. The goal is to create soft, natural-looking highlights or use of bright bold color and tones depending on personal preference. It can create a natural blonde look using dark and lighter colors. It works best on mid to long hair lengths of all textures and color. Most noteworthy this technique of hair coloring is relatively low maintenance. With minimal outgrow, many are able to go several months between color treatments. 1.jpg-long-brown-bld


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