Beard Color

Finding the perfect Beard Color to match your hair can be difficult. A lot of men dye their hair and beards at the same time for this reason. It is hard to find a match is because your beard usually has more than one or two colors in it. You may have some brown, grey and red hues. Whichever the case, you want a color that is going to compliment your face and look natural. It is a good idea to let your facial hair grow out a little before applying color. That will ensure that the color will apply flawlessly.

Growing Your Beard

When coloring your hair it is important to match your existing facial hair with the hair on your head. Our coloring services will give you the assurance that you will look as suave as you feel! Determining how often this service should be done will be according to your hair thickness and the speed in which it grows.  Combine this service with a beard trim or any other of our men's service. We have a range of services tailored just for you.

Try Olaplex For Men

We would love to share some information about our Olaplex brand that leaves your beard and mustache feeling soft and full. Wiry, itchy beards are a thing of the past with this product, We know you take your facial hair seriously and you can not go wrong with Olaplex.

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