Beard Trim

Are you a hairy guy who is ready for a fresh look for your face? Do you have extra scruff that you find bothersome to maintain? Beards are becoming increasingly popular among men. Whether you have a mustache, goatee or full beard, keeping your facial hair groomed is a time-consuming chore. In a time when everyone is always on the go and leading busy lives, it's no wonder the rugged look is so popular!

Beard Grooming

One of the services we offer our male clients is a cleanup trim for your beard and mustache. This Beard Trim service is included with a man's haircut. This is a fabulous service for any guy wanting to leave those loose hairs out of your household sink. While enjoying the relaxation of sitting in a chair one of our talented stylists will give you the clean-cut look that you desire. We proudly offer many services that are designed to help you look and feel your best.

Beard Trim

Olaplex For Men

We also have specialized products from our Olaplex line to soften your beard and hair. Any guy with facial hair understands how wiry and itchy it can be and this product is outstanding in providing softness. Therefore we are confident you will love these results!

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