Men’s Hair Conditioning

Conditioning your hair has many benefits. Unlike shampoo which cleanses the hair, it conditions the hair follicles. This results in a smooth finish that shines. How often you should condition depends on the texture and oily nature of your hair. The drier your follicles are, the more you should condition. Another benefit is manageability and softness. It also provides frizz control as well as protection from breakage.

Make Conditioning A Routine

Our conditioning services come with any men's shampoo service. After we cleanse your hair with a top-shelf shampoo product then we will finish with a conditioner. We will choose the correct product based on your texture and style. Conditioners seal the hair's cuticles. Without proper conditioning your hair will be frizzy and hard to manage due to the moisture stripping shampooing can cause.

Redken For Men’s Invigorating System

One of the top men's products we use is Redken For Men’s Invigorating System which is a mint-infused treatment that is proven to soothe your hair and balance your scalp. While the peppermint scent helps you relax, the proteins in this system help stimulate your scalp. This in-salon treatment will leave you feeling fresh, relaxed and looking great!

Men's Hair Conditioning
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