Coloring one's hair by lightening the color is called highlighting and low lighting is done by using darker shades to change the hue of the strands. To put it another way, Lowlights are achieved by weaving darker colors into your hair. Highlights are lighter strands that are added to your base color. This can be done in various beautiful colors with both natural and bold colors. Both are used often in this process. There are four different ways to achieve this, either using foil, painting the hair which is also known as Balayage, frosting or chunking.

Lighten Your Hair

One of the men's services our talented stylists frequently offer men clients are highlights and lowlights. Whether you want to blend your natural greys with a lighter for more fresh color. Or maybe you want to add dark bold colors in addition to your natural hair? Whichever color style you prefer our skilled colorists here at Spencer's Hair Designs can give you the look you desire.


Camo Hair Color

We have many products that are designed just for men. In order to achieve maximum results, we only use top shelf products. Ultimately, we love our collection of men's products and will happily tell you about Camo Color for Men. This is a color process that only takes five to ten minutes to achieve. We can apply it discreetly at the shampoo bowl like we would a normal cleansing and conditioning. You are surely going to love this product!

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