Men’s Shampoo

Have your hair shampooed by one of our talented stylists. We offer Men's Shampoo as well as hair conditioning services. We can advise and share our professional knowledge about our prescription products for in-salon and take home products.

Your Hair's Health

We offer consultation on hair styling techniques and correct products for thinning, fine, course, straight or curly hair. Choosing professional shampoo products made for your use at home will make a difference you can see and feel. Furthermore, our knowledgeable stylists are current with the correct styling products to produce the best hairstyles for your specific hair type and haircut. Our professional products for men will maximize your scalp health and healthy hair growth. Using the correct styling product combined with our talents will help you achieve a look you will be proud of. Our conditioning services can improve your hair's elasticity, moisture levels, and texture. Our men's shampoo services will leave you looking fresh and vibrant.

Men's Shampoo Products

Redken for Men Mint-Infused Invigorating System is just one of the many products we utilize for men. This unique system fortifies the hair and balances the scalp with its mint infusion technology. We also have a hair coloring system, that can be discreetly applied at the shampoo bowl.  Redken Camo for Men. This hair coloring system will help you get your youthful hair back and is very time efficient.


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