How to Prevent Hair Frizz This Summer

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How to prevent frizzy hair

How-to tips, tricks, and best hair products to prevent frizzy hair recommended by Hair Professionals at Spencer’s Hair Designs.

Understanding what causes frizzy hair

Knowing how to avoid and to understand what it is that causes frizzing hair is just as important as which products to use, and how you can protect against hair damage, especially in the summer months. Hair that is healthy and maintained is the best way to prevent frizzy hair. Frizzing hair comes from dry hair. Overly dry hair will absorb the moisture from the humid air causing the outer hair shaft to swell and even create the outer cuticle to distort. This condition causes hair strands to turn every which way but smooth.
Summer is here, time for beaches, pools, sunbathing, and all those outdoor activities that will take you into the elements such as salt-water, chlorine, and UV exposure which can all cause hair to frizz.

Try these tips and tricks to help prevent hair frizz, damage, and even how to avoid them.

Keep your hair trimmed.

It’s essential to trim your hair at the start of summer. Freshly cut ends will rid your hair of split ends and possibly prevent more extensive damage that would require more hair cut off than desired after summer.

Protect your scalp and hair color

Protect and cover your hair as much as possible, whether you are spending the day beside the pool, at the beach or on a boat. We recommend using a UV protectant for your scalp. Wearing a lightweight scarf or hat for your hair will also protect your scalp and hair color from fading. Our stylists recommend Kenra Color Charge Serum, and Brazilian Blow Out leave in sealants that repels humidity.

Summertime hair tips and tricks

This summertime before getting into a swimming pool or ocean water one way to prevent hair from absorbing chlorine or sea salt is by thoroughly wetting your hair with tap water or bottled water first. In addition to saturating your hair with water, that will hydrate your hair in the heat. A quality leave-in conditioner can also protect and shield your locks from harmful UV and water elements. After bathing, be sure to rinse your hair again with fresh water to remove traces of chlorine or sea salt. After shampooing skip the blow-dry, flat-iron, and curling iron.
Letting your hair air dry naturally using Kenra Platinum Air Dry Crème, or sport a loose braid are both excellent ways to prevent further damage brought about by using hot tools in the summer.

The best products that prevent frizzy hair

Our stylists love and recommend these professional products that work great to prevent hair frizz, and improves hair condition; these products will also significantly contribute to healthy hair all summer long and beyond. Kenra Professional Frizz Control, Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Acai anti-frizz products, Redken Frizz Dismiss. Kenra Professional Daily Provision, Brazilian Blowout Acai Shine. Regardless of your hair type or whether or not your hair color is natural or color-treated, these products significantly guard and protect your locks. Pureology Superfood Strength Cure line is one of our go-to deep conditioning hair masks we highly recommend. It’s especially beneficial for dry, frizzy, curly hair, and chemically processed hair. Pureology hair products are 100% Vegan Silicone and paraben-free for ultimate hair color protection.

In-salon treatments that prevent hair frizz for up to twelve weeks

Imagine smooth, frizz-free hair for up to twelve weeks. Spencers Hair Design Stylists are all certified and experienced with Brazilian Blowout Smoothing and Keratin treatments., these are an in-salon treatment only. Beat the effects of high humidity frizz. If you have big unruly curly hair, we know and understand your struggles.

Brazilian Blowout Vs. Keratin Treatments

Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatments are somewhat similar in that they both smooth, reduce curl, debulk, and defrizz hair. The main difference is Brazilian Blow Out is more flexible. It significantly loosens tight frizzy curls but keeps movement and body to the hair. Hair can be shampooed with no wait time. Ponytails and hair accessories can be used immediately after the Brazilian Blowout service. Whereas the Keratin Treatment requires you to keep hair in the same styled position when leaving the salon and wait three days before your next shampoo. It can create straighter results.
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Enjoy Your summer!

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