The Transforming Power Of Olaplex

Olaplex In Salon Treatment

Eric Pressly and Craig Hawker invented Olaplex, a single active ingredient, in February 2015. This is the latest in groundbreaking technology, sweeping the hair industry.

Our hairstylists here at Spencer’s Hair Designs are very passionate about maintaining the health of your hair while giving you the services you are looking for. That is what Olaplex allows us to do. We love the results we’ve seen using Olaplex.

What Is Olaplex?

Firstly Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment in any way. It is free of gluten, sulfates, and silicones. There is never testing on animals. There are no proteins that with overuse cause hair to become brittle and break. It actually is a bond multiplier.

Imagine a strand of hair is like a ladder. The ladder steps are bonds within the hair. Chemical services, heat treatment, environmental exposure to chlorine, salt water, and UV radiation can compromise the hair. When the steps of the ladder become unstable the bonds are damaged or broken completely. At this point, the hair strand can feel lifeless, swollen, rough, dry and even break off. By using Olaplex treatments before, during and after chemical services, this product can repair and rebuild the bonds stronger than before. It improves the porosity of the hair. This means less color fading with longer lasting hair color between salon visits.

Can Olaplex Be Used With Other Treatments?

Olaplex is compatible with any chemical treatment. All hair color brands, semi-permanent oil-infused color, permanent hair color, high lift color, direct dyes, perms, straighteners, relaxers, hair bleaching, toners, and glosses are compatible. It is great for any hair texture. Curly, fine, coarse, straight, thick hair, gray hair, natural untreated hair, and children’s hair all benefit. It improves the elasticity of the hair thus giving curly and wavy hair a smoother, prettier movement. Course and gray-wiry hair are tamed and more manageable. The hair quality is improved and protected during chemical services. It does not replace the need for appropriate shampoos and conditioners. Hair still needs moisture, hydration, and proteins to keep your locks at their very best.

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