How Hair Color Stylists Cover Grey Hair

How Hair Color Stylists Cover Your Grey Hair

Our expert hair color stylists often hear similar queries about how to cover grey hair. We hope to answer some of the popular questions, offer our recommendations, and share some suggestions to serve you better.

Why is My Hair Grey?

Have you wondered “why is my hair grey”? Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for our natural hair color. When the production of melanin declines, natural hair tones lessen. When this occurs, we will first notice flatter duller tones in our hair. Over time hair will gradually appear grey or white. Generally, grey hairs start to show at the front hairline and the temple area. The main reason for this is our genetics. If your parents went grey early, then there is every possibility of you greying early, This process is part of who you are.

How to Blend Grey Hair

When your natural hair color starts to look mousey with lack of shine, our stylists recommend a salon service to blend grey hair.  Treatments called hair glossing or demi-permanent color.  Glossing and demi-permanent are both low maintenance color treatments. It is applied all over the hairs and lasts up to six shampoos.  Theses treatments will add more depth, vibrancy, and gorgeous shine. A demi-permanent darker or more vibrant than your natural hair color is perfect for naturally dark hair, whereas glossing can be formulated clear. Clear glossing gives a super high shine to any color hair.

Another choice to blend grey is a color highlight treatment called Baby High Lights. This service is a lighter permanent hair color. Because the technique of newly placed high light color, the effect make a soft blend within your natural color. A second complementary shade can also be added to achieve a dimensional, more luxurious look. This service is excellent for blending gray hair and last up to 6 to 8 weeks. The results are a softer, less notable regrowth.

Why Is Hair Color Not Covering My Grey Hair?

When your natural hair color is 30 to 50%, and above, you may notice hair color not covering grey as well as it did. Hair texture, looks, and feel are different. More course and stubborn grey hair need a little more attention. You will need a unique full grey coverage formula. This service requires regular root color touch-ups, typically every four to six weeks. However, if scheduling an appointment is inconvenient, we do recommend a tempory hair color spray. This shampoo out spray product is excellent to use in between salon root color touch-up visits.

Our stylists use the most advanced hair color products and guarantee our grey hair color coverage service. Whether subtle blending of grey hair to complete grey coverage, we have a beautiful formula waiting for you. As with all our services at Spencer’s Hair Designs, we offer complimentary consultations. Follow us on Instagram to see our most recent hairstyles and colors.

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