Our Story – Naming Salon

Greetings, I'm Christine O'Donnell, the owner of Spencer's Hair Designs and I'd like to share our story with you.

1994 was an eventful year. I was about to give birth to my son and open my Hair salon business at the same time. Naming my son was a tough decision. Because I am from England, I wanted a strong English name that would celebrate his heritage, one that resonated with stature and leadership.

Growing Up In England

I was raised in Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, which is close to the birthplace – Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxford, England – of one of my lifetime idols, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. He was one of the greatest wartime time leaders of the 20th century. My hometown is also only eight miles from the home of the late Princess Diana Spencer, Althorpe House, who is also a direct relative of the Right Honourable Sir Winston Spencer Churchill. Princess Diana’s family, the Spencers, were always active within the local community when I was growing up. I attended the Spencer family community events often as a child and as an adult. I visited Blenheim Palace, which is a national treasure and a must-see landmark if you’re ever in the United Kingdom.

My Inspiration

I have always been inspired by the greatness of these historic figures, these British national landmarks and proud of my home. That’s why when it came time to name my son, the name Spencer just felt right in expressing my desire to honor that legacy and inspire a sense of character and greatness of spirit not just in my young son, but also in the birth of my business. From the very beginning, I wanted to express not only my pride in where I came from but also my desire to create something very special in my business. I wanted my business name to speak to my commitment to the very best values in professionalism and customer service, so I gave my son and my Hair salon business the same name. That was no accident. I was very intentional about creating a name, and a business, I could be proud of.

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