Hair Color Base Touchup

Hair color base touch up is a permanent hair treatment. This is applied to existing hair regrowth or all-over. It is also used if you are looking for minimal changes such as covering grey or boosting shine. Your dyed hue may be needing new vibrancy and shine. Are maybe your roots are showing from your previous hair coloring? If so, this service is definitely right for you. We work diligently to mix the perfect shade for your desired color.

Add Glossing!

Ask your personal stylist at Spencer's Hair Designs about our glossing. Glossing is a semi-permanent treatment. It comes in clear and tinted shades to refresh faded lengths and ends adding smoothness and shine. Glossing works beautifully on any hair type and lasts around three to four weeks. We use a variety of top hair care including the Redken and L'Oreal brands.  Our colorists are proud to be recognized by L’Oreal as a World Class hair color salon.

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