Olaplex In Salon Treatment

Olaplex is a Hair Bonding Strengthening Treatment that is applied In-Salon by our professional Hair Stylists. This treatment is best for hair that is previously compromised by daily exposure to environmental elements or over processed and is also used to protect the integrity of the hair. We add this treatment to chemical services to ensure lack of breakage and promote hair strength. This treatment works at bonding the hair at a molecular level to repair broken bonds in hair.

Olaplex In Salon Treatment Steps

Olaplex In Salon Treatment is designed to improve and strengthen the hair by multiplying the bonds within. This results in stronger, shinier and healthier strands, the color vibrancy lasts longer, curly locks are more controlled and wave pattern improves, overall elasticity and porosity greatly improve which speeds up drying time and long-lasting style.

Steps 1 and 2 is a great treatment to have before chemical services are performed to keep hair healthy while producing quality strong hair. This treatment is also good for natural hair as well as all hair types. There are a total of five steps in a full Olaplex Hair Treatment. While steps #1 and #2 are only available in-salon, steps #3, #4, #5 can be purchased for after care at home. All five steps are available for your in-salon treatment.

The Five Steps Of Olaplex

The five steps include #1 which is the Bond Multiplier, #2 which is The Bond Perfector, #3 The Hair Perfector, #4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, and #5 The Bond Maintenance Conditioner. All of these steps are great for overall hair health and shine. The five steps are particularly great for growing hair longer because it prevents breakage and split ends. This allows the hair to grow faster and longer than ever before. Steps 1,2 & 3 work on the hair's inner strength, while steps 4 & 5 work inside the hair as well as on the surface.This keeps every strand hydrated, manageable with body and shine.

The first step is to apply the #1 Bond Multiplier. This Multiplier works to rebuild broken disulfide bonds which prevents damage and repairs hair. The second step is the #2 Bond Perfector. This step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds. It will leave the hair healthy and shiny. The third step is the #3 Hair Perfector which provides protection from damage between salon visits. The #4 Maintenance Shampoo is proven to reduce breakage while the #5 Maintenance Conditioner leaves the hair stronger than ever.

You can purchase the #3, #4, and #5 at home products to get optimal benefits. This at home aftercare prolongs the health of your hair and will guarantee maximum results between in-salon treatment visits.

Schedule Your Olaplex Treatment

The Olaplex In Salon Treatment is not just for the ladies. It is a great treatment for men as well. It is a very quick add on to our haircut services for men. This treatment is for any man who notices that their hair is thinning and their existing hair is frizzy, flyaway, and lacks luster and body. If this describes you then Olaplex is what your hair is asking for. It promotes better styling results and style longevity. Contact Us today to schedule your Olaplex In Salon Treatment.

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