Partial Highlights

Partial Highlights or Express Highlights are done by applying a few foils, papers or painted-on pieces which are usually focused on framing the face or a parting. Highlights can either be a full or partial application. Most partials are done on the top of your head while a full application focuses on the entire head. Framing the face with highlights also creates brightening. Partial dyed pieces of your hair grow out easily and blend quite nicely as long as they are close to your natural base color.

Highlights Your Best Features

When you decide to color your hair there are several questions you ask yourself. One of the questions is should you get a partial or full application. Which color should you use? Highlights or Lowlights? Once you decide to get partial, your stylist will discuss with you the part of your hair that you would like to concentrate on with the dye. We will then apply the highlights with one of our dying methods, whether that be foil, painting or paper.

Combine With Color Gloss

We can add on a color gloss toner after you receive your partial color treatment if you desire. The gloss will leave your hair shiny and look vibrant. This is a semi-permanent treatment. It works by adding smoothness and shine after your hair has been color treated. The results last three to four weeks so you may want to repeat the process during your future salon visits.

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