Permanent Waves

ISO Option permanent waves (made in the USA) delivers superior results that condition and bring life to your hair! As the innovator and leaders in texture technology, ISO continues the tradition in keeping with trends of superior products that voluminous, vibrant curls, shape, and free moving texture without damage.  Today's modern permanent waves are gaining popularity due to the high quality of the products and easy care. This formula diffuses evenly, strengthens and smooths the cuticles of the hair shaft, producing ultra shine.

ISO Permanent Wave Options

The processes have evolved. You can have the latest permanent and techniques that will nourish your hair! At Spencer's Hair Designs, we use only the very highest products in the industry, and that's ISO, incredible curl that last, shine, and look gorgeous! There are three options to choose from with Permanent Waves.

Option One

For normal and previously permed hair; Delivers a great standout style.  This option is ideal for building soft, loose texture, giving lift and movement.

Option Two

For every type color-treated hair; Exclusively formulated for tinted hair. Option 2 brings gentle, yet effective wave action this to hair. Leaves hair soft and smooth. This option has been specially formulated to nourish hair and leave hair cuticles supple, with optimum curls, health, color, and shine.

Option Three

For extra firm curls on normal and resistant hair; This permanent wave produces large, extensive curls and retains the natural beauty and shine of your hair.  Ideal for dramatic, curly statement.

Schedule Some Time For Your Waves

The stylists at Spencer's Hair designs will recommend products to keep your curls looking gorgeous longer, and techniques to manage your curls at home. Call any one of our talented and certified stylists and arrange a consultation to determine if a permanent wave is suitable for your hair type and texture.

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