Shampoo Conditioner & Scalp Massage

Shampoo Conditioner and Scalp Massage

Enjoy a professional shampoo and conditioning with one of our experienced stylists and top that off with a scalp massage. These Shampoo, Conditioner & Scalp Massage services can be used as a stand-alone treatment with no other services. This service could also be in addition to anything else you have in mind. As always, consult with your Stylist to see if this service is appropriate for your hair plans. Pampering is something we all adore and this service will definitely leave you feeling fabulous!

Why Is A Scalp Massage Important?

Scalp massages have so many benefits for your hair and body. Massages provide tension and stress relief as well as relaxation for your mind. While it spreads the natural oils of the head, it lubricates and conditions the scalp, which will help prevent dryness. Most importantly, a scalp massage enhances blood flow to the neck and scalp, bringing valuable nutrients and oxygen to the hair root.These nutrients are invaluable, for stronger healthy hair and to promote hair growth.

The pampering doesn't have to stop here. Like we have mentioned, this service can work wonderfully with many of our other products and services so feel free to start here and ask your Stylist if they have any suggestions for you. We are always happy to help.



Olaplex Service

One of our favorite products is Olaplex. This in-salon treatment will give you the manageable hair you need. We even have a follow-up product to take home and use between visits to our salon. Using the appropriate products for your hair type is crucial in receiving premium results. We have both take-home Olaplex products and in-Salon Olaplex services, so this product can be used in different ways for consistent results. Consult with our talented stylists in choosing the ones that will fit your needs.

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