Weave Highlights

Highlighting hair means selecting strands of hair and treating them with hair color or lightener to make them lighter than their base/natural color. Highlights add contrasting dimension to the rest of the hair and are created with foils, papers and special combs or brushes used for painting. Lowlights are created the same way. Generally, lowlights will be darker than your base color and slightly warmer.

The Art of Weaving

This treatment is used for more natural looks or creates accents within the hair. Weave highlights are the most popular technique for highlighting hair. Lowlights are an understated hair design procedure, though Lowlights can help create the look you really desire. Our talented color specialists at Spencer's Hair Designs weave strands, the hair is wrapped in foil agent, finally, we paint them with a lightening agent. The purpose of the foil is to keep the agent moist. The placement of the foil wraps is dependent on your hairstyle We work diligently to ensure that your highlights compliment your style but also add texture. As with most hair techniques, symmetry is really important. We especially love creating highlights that look great with your skin tone and frame the face really well.

Weave Highlights / Low-lights + Color Gloss

Color Gloss is an excellent add-on service for our weave highlights. Color gloss toner is a demi-permanent and translucent hair color treatment that conditions your hair.  This treatment gives your hair more vibrancy, shine creates extra body, and is also used to control brassy tones. This product coats and protects the investment you've made in your hair. Color Gloss adds beautiful shine and healthy vibrancy to your hair and we know you're hair is worth it. Stop in today and take advantage of our experience. Consult with one of our stylists to see if this additional service is tight for you. We can't wait to see you!

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